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Long time Know How

In our express Service Center, we have specialized ourselves for more than 12 years on Repairs + Service of all current Plotters, especially Hewlett Packard's. We optimized process flows as well as we have trained and well educated technicians who enable us to offer the customer a speditiv and qualitatively superior service under any circumstances and situations at any time and place in Switzerland.

Plotter's which no longer being supported by the manufacturer (Hewlett-Packard), but from us

Following older devices are still supported and repaired by us :

Designjet 450
Designjet 750C
Designjet 755C
Designjet 2000 / 2500
Designjet 3000 / 3500
Designjet 5000
Designjet 5500
Designjet 500
Designjet 800
Designjet 1050 / 1055
Designjet 4000
Designjet 4500


As the only firm in Switzerland, we Service and Repair all those models further. That the availability of your Plotter can be guaranteed yet, as well as for the future in complete, there should be regulary Maintenance or Service intervals scheduled for the future as well.

Regular services

As any vehicle and each complex machine also a Plotter requires regularly maintenance and support. On the one hand through aging, and the other hand through wear, dust and inks deposit, gradually also printing quality of the Plotters suffers.Printing or Plotting high quality, slight noise emissions and long life of the Plotters are guaranteed because of repeated maintenance services.

Brevity loss times

We have an extensive spare part warehouse, also of parts that almost no longer are available. Through flexible disposition and high mobility of our
well trained Technicians, we make it possible to Repair and Service your Plotter within shortest period of time

Recommended maintenance intervals

Plotter / Designjet Maintenance intervals
HP Designjet 450c 18 Months
HP Designjet 600 12 Months
HP Designjet 650c 12 Months
HP Designjet 700
12 Months
HP Designjet 750 12 Months
HP Designjet 755 12 Months
HP Designjet 500 18 Months
HP Designjet 800 18 Months
HP Designjet 1050 18 Months
HP Designjet 1055 18 Months
HP Designjet 5000 18 Months
HP Designjet 5500 18 Months












Replacement devices

Based on the large physical size of the Plotters, we have as a rule no exchange devices at our warehouse. However in emergencies, we nevertheless will find a solution which will fit the customers needs.

Repairs - Costs

The costs of a repair and/or service, depend on the one hand on the age, on the other hand of the condition. Important factor is when the service last was made. Devices which regularly were serviced become, are in a better condition, therefore fewer valuably in service repair.

Following facts are determine the costs

  1. Where is the device?
  2. How fast should the Plotter be ready for use? Express or normally?
  3. How many parts are defective, which parts will/must be exchanged ?
  4. How dirty is the device, how long ago the last service maintenance was made?

Our wage for Plotter Service or Repairs is CHF 185.- . The minimally reckoned time always is an hour. Detailed expenses are calculated by the technician after the first appearance on the spot.

Express - Normally

Covering an express repair, we understand the execution within 4 - 12 working-hours. Such actions are as a logical manner more expensive. Express charges are calculated by time and distance to reach the customer. It is decisive, in what area the next technician is at the time of order, and which new dispositions are necessary to reach the customer. Extra charges between - Fr. 120.- until 250.- are usual and common.

Regular Maintenance or Service works are results as a rule between 2 to 4 working-days. These are freed of express extra charges.

Maintenance & Repair - where?

Normally the devices are repaired or/and serviced on the location where those devices are. It however can occur in specific problems that devices must be brought into the workshop at our Facilities.

You can reach us under following numbers and address:

Business-number for Service & Repairs
(Free of Charges)
telephone 0844 123 123
telefax      043 411 90 65
Sale / Administration main office 031 959 50 50 info(at)msedv.ch
MS EDV Bedarf AG
Rohrmattstrasse 5
3073 Gümligen
Monday - Friday:
08.00 - 12.00, 13.00 - 17.30 Uhr

Anything else please contact: